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Learn how DKPC Inc. can help your business apply and file for a Scientific Research & Experimental Development (SR&ED) tax credit.

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DKPC Inc. can prepare and file your requirements for Government Grants and Loans. Click here to view a list of available grants and loans.

Lean Manufacturing Training

At DKPC Inc. we provide "Lean Manufacturing" training and guidance focused on eliminating wastes at all levels.

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We provide the highest level of consulting services to assist small & medium enterprises (SME's) drive bottom line profitability, increase cash flow, and develop sound return on investment strategies.

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The DKPC Inc. Business Model

  • Provide a fee structure that is affordable
  • Technical expertise for different industry sectors
  • Incorporate simple effective tools for SME's
  • Become an extension of the client's business
  • Provide the highest level of customer service
  • Drive higher return on investment strategies

Federal budget 2019: Tech community welcomes Global Talent Stream commitment, SR&ED expansion

To read the full article, please click the link below: Insiders of Canada’s technology community reviewed the budget as taking steps in the right direction to help firms scale up operations, but were critical that the Liberal government didn’t go far enough in determining a clear data strategy. In a budget that announced a total […]

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Precision SR&ED
Precision SR&ED software

DKPC Inc. strongly recommends Precision SR&ED software. In fact, we use it with all our clients.

About Precision SR&ED

Precision SR&ED Software is the best way to manage SR&ED data. Using this project management software, you can easily track time, manage materials, expenses, projects, employees and objective evidence, satisfying core requirements to file SR&ED.

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